What Rhymes With Morris?

Morris calls me Leeward.

Bill K sez “Yer Nutz.”

Kids still call me Papa.

To Leo I’m a Putz.

To grandkids I’m their Grampus.

Mother called me Spike.

Uncle Frankie loved me.

He called me Little Tyke.

To me I am a Poet

By any name at all.

Bruno, Leesy, Bobby Lee,

Life is still a ball.

Dang, I’m running out of rhymes here. Hope this day has been a good one for ya. We’ve got a few hours left. Let’s make every minute count. (Hmm, what rhymes with count? Fount? Mount? Tantamount?)


From: An Amo and Curio Olio.
A Folio of Prose and Poesy by Lee Broom


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