From True Love – Total Knowledge

As I remember, Bill Cosby’s account of the encounter of Noah by God, elicited this response. “Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight”. My guess is that among religious groups everywhere there are large numbers of their population who when told of God’s Wonder say to their Secret Selves, “Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight”.

I once asked the question “If there is a God, how would this God be described?”

A few years later, “If God is all-powerful, what is God’s Power?”

Again, later, “What is the Greatest Power imaginable?”

Still later,  “What is it that as a member of the Natural World I can never have, but which I desire above all else?”

A thought eventually came to me; the answer to all of these questions appeared to be the same: The combination of Perfect Love and Complete Knowledge.

When YHWH was asked by Moses to produce his credentials, the answer was simply “I Am.” When asked for confirmation the response was “I Am that I Am.”  No mention was made of time or space or the occupants thereof.

Many centuries later Jesus in his claim to the throne described himself as the Alpha and the Omega, thus equating the Beginning with the End rendering Time as non-existent.

Some would say in response to my conclusion that God is Perfect Love and Complete Knowledge, that guy is an Atheist. Others would say that I have described God. What would you say?

From True Love – Total Knowledge by Lee Broom.


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