How to Become Intellectually Astute in only Forty years. (and skinny.)

I read a post yesterday (or the day before), an article on shaving with throwaway razors that actually made its way to the AOL newsfeed. It was about how to keep your Gillette Trac sharp for many months. The writer of the article apparently was using a disposable razor for the first time in years and with some experimentation was surprised to learn that after cleaning and rubbing the razor on his/her jeans after the daily shaving ritual, the blade lasted for six months. It was assumed without any controls that the rubbing the razor on a pair of jeans was equal to the principle of stropping a straight razor.

Had the experiment included a partner using a clone of that Trac every day without stropping they would have discovered that one Trac razor lasted as long as the other. Had this experiment gone a bit further and included a third person using six-for-a-buck dollar store razors, at the end of the experiment there would still be five unused orange razors.

I know this because I have made my discoveries under more objective circumstances. Without comparisons any given bit of knowledge means little. And because some of us have not learned that important fact we are prey to the carnivorous marketers who are willing to go to any lengths to carve away our very lives.

Listen carefully to any ad about any weight loss product. Listen carefully and to as many ads as you can. You will never hear the claim that this product will make you lose weight. In fact, close scrutiny would reveal that the most attention-getting part of the ad is information that will destroy one’s will to succeed at losing weight. This is the message that we can entertain ourselves gustatorally and lose pounds doing so.

I use a certain skin product that my wife introduced me to five decades ago. It is a brilliant moisturizer and it works. At the time of my first use the company thrived on this one product alone.

Today, the line has expanded. There are a variety of skin lotions and creams, specializing or so they claim, on more specific needs than does their original lotion. However for the patient researcher a quick read of the ingredients of these products reveals that the only major change in formula is the addition of alcohol. Now really, why would any thinking person want to hydrate their already dry skin with an emollient that contains the one single ingredient that is well-known for its dehydrating effects?

I pride myself on my logical thinking. It only took forty years to notice the marketing scam being used on my favorite lotion. As a former fatty I learned that lesson much earlier. That one only took thirty years.

Incidentally fifteen years ago I dropped from a 275 pound, very depressed fellow to a 185 pound very depressed fellow. It took me two years to lose ninety pounds. It took a decade of getting used to my healthy, gym-toned self to decide to find a cure for depression.

Incidentally, if you’d like to know how I lost all that weight let me know. I promise I won’t give you any entertaining recipes. But I’ll gladly share the entertaining activity that took its place. I’ll even tell you how I cured myself of depression, overnight.

From: Stayin’ Alive
By Lee Broom


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