Hard Drives and Hard Heads.

11:00 am:
On Thursday I lost all the stored data in my cell phone. I found an old sim card and recovered some of it. On Friday I lost all the stored data on my laptop. I haven’t yet solved that problem; in fact, I seem to be losing all the stored data in my brain. I think I need a break. I went to Betty’s house and used her pokey computer for a while but I was getting on her nerves so off I went to the Scottsdale Public Library and used their computer. Another failed experiment. The 400 lb man sitting next to me was much more intimidating than I in response to “Pardon me sir, can you show me where to type in this code?” I guess while I am here I should check the stacks and look for a book on installing hard drives.

5:45 pm:
Bill Broom, champion of the technically less astute and father of my two granddaughters Tricia and Kelly, husband of Eileen and son of Lee had this to say about that. “Nahh, that’s no problem. We’ll have that fixed in a jiffy.” And he did. When he left I had a laptop that was willing to comply, a new VoIP phone that beats anything I’ve spoken on in years and a guilty conscience for being such a grouch through all of this. (Sorry Betty, Sorry Frank, sorry John, hmmm, who did I leave out?)

And thank you David. I roused you from a relaxing moment with your Sweetie and with your help, at least managed to let go of the problem long enough to get a good night’s sleep.

From Lee Broom’s Diary.
By Lee Broom.


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