Kamal Amin

During my career I have known and worked with some of the world’s most talented people. And one of those people is a man named Kamal Amin.

  Kamal Amin

The name Kamal Amin in his home town of Cairo carries about the same recognition value as the name John Smith in any English-speaking country; the name Kamal Amin on the other hand, if mentioned in the world of International Architecture commands the respect of one whose work is celebrated among his peers.

I’ve known Kamal since he left the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in 1977 to strike out on his own. I’ve watched as he developed his career in architecture. I handled his serigraphs and watercolors as he pursued an additional career in the arts. And I’ve watched in envy as one after another as Kamal Amin’s books hit the bookstores.

Kamal Amin is a humble, happy and accepting individual. Wherever he goes he leaves those he has met with a smile. Kamal competes with no one, not even himself. And it appears to me after thirty-five years that he enjoys whatever he does.

Some of Kamal Amin’s work appears today on http://leebroomgallery.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/83/.

That blog will be dedicated to Kamal Amin’s work from 8/6/2012 through 8/10/2012


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