Hovering Above Zero

My friend and pastor (his name is Randy) introduced his message this morning by coining the phrase Hovering Above Zero. I did not ask him if those were his own words but I can  say that the image of Hovering Above Zero inspired me so thoroughly that the balance of Randy’s message has moved for the moment, to the back of the room, though I  am pretty sure that we are on the same page.

I believe that the two greatest Powers known to man are Love and Desire: The nature of man can be summed up as Fear and Desire, Fear in this scenario being represented by the label, Zero. Zero in this case helps me to recognoze that Fear is not a Power but rather the Absence of Power. The nature of God appears to me to  be Total Love and the Sum of All Knowledge. Given more blogging space and undeterred by the possible loss of readers I would gladly share the details of the years of research which I believe lend credence to this observation but for now let us say that Love and Desire are the two greatest powers known to mankind.

Fear is the absence of Power. When we tolerate Fear by “Being Strong” or “Pleasing Others” or “Trying” to “Be Perfect” we are seeking to overcome  Fear when in fact what we are doing is increasing the likelihood that our specific Fears will come to pass. We are Hovering Above Zero and we are certain to fail.

Whatever we Fear can be healed. Whatever Power we need to overcome Fear can be found by accepting The Love. Nothing can harm us when we are immersed in The Love. I know of no limitations for the partnership of Love and Desire.

Accept The Love and Pass it on.  Thank you Randy.


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