“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

Curio: Woe is me. My life is a mess. I’ve lost my home; I’m unemployed; all I have left is a tent and a bicycle….. What will I do?

Amo: Opportunity increases in direct proportion to “loss”.

Curio: Whaddaya mean Amo?

Amo; There is no loss; there is only change.

We who mourn are resisting change.

We who celebrate change are opening the door to opportunity.

Curio: Yeah right, Amo. You’re just making this stuff up. In the meantime I wish you could respect the fact that I’m sad about my losses.

Amo: We who focus on results will surely mourn.

Curio: That can’t be true. What if the results are good results?

Amo: Soon, someone else will demonstrate better results.

Curio: Well that only leaves “change itself. Are you trying to say that we need to focus on “change”?

Amo: We who focus on change will miss the point.

Curio: You’re really irritating, you know that? Next thing you’re going to say is “focus on the next thing”.

Amo: We who focus on the next thing produce results but fail to appreciate the ride.

Curio: Where are you getting this stuff?

Amo: I’m making this stuff up as I go along.


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