“I’ve fallen…..” part two.

From yesterday:

“Curio: Where are you getting this stuff?

Amo: I’m making this stuff up as I go along…………..”


Amo: ……….You should try it sometime. It’s called thinking.

Curio: You’re making fun of me. There must be a book I can read. Do you know of one?

Amo: I’m writing one.

Curio: You’re always writing. Your ideas don’t make much sense to me.

Amo: Well, how about this. Look for a book that tells you exactly what to do.

Curio: What if everything in the book that I buy is wrong and I spend half a life time following the instructions and my life gets worse?

Amo: Worse than what? Worse than when you bought the book or worse than it would have been if you hadn’t bought the book. From where I stand you sound like a guy in trouble. Go buy a book.

Curio: What kind of book should I buy? A book on Logic? A Bible perhaps?

Amo: Buy one of each.

Curio: But they’ll contradict each other.

Amo: How can that be? The book on logic makes no statements. It only shows you how to make your own.

Curio: That could take forever. I want answers.

Amo: No you don’t; you want someone to tell you what to do – what to think. You’re too lazy to do the work. You want others to do it for you. And that isn’t gonna work for you; you just got through saying that you have no way of knowing if someone else’s idea is dependable. So what’s left?

Curio: But I want to know the Truth.

Amo: And what is that, do you think?

Curio: Total Knowledge, perhaps? I don’t know.

Amo: When we allow others to tell us what to think we have no way of knowing if the words we decided to obey are true. You just told me that. But with logic, the door to Total Knowledge will always be open to you.

Curio: There must be an easier, softer way.

Amo: There is Curio. It requires only one thing.

Curio: What’s that, Amo?

Amo: Faith, Curio.

Curio: Faith in what Amo?

Amo: Faith in Love, Curio. Love is synonymous with Total Knowledge. It is Truth. It is.  All That There Is. Everything you’ll ever need to know will be revealed as you live your life, revealed when you need it, a drop at a time.

Curio: When will I have all the answers, Amo?

Amo: When the time comes Curio. When the time comes.

Curio: And in the meantime….?

Amo: Accept the Love and Pass it On.


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