Today is a Wonderful Day.

Today is a wonderful day.

With each new dawn I greet the day by saying aloud “I Love Life and I Love Sharing it.”I started saying something much like that nearly thirty years ago. I had written  what started out to be a children’s play and which evolved into a full-blown musical. The production was called Living Love and Loving Life and though the theme song would bring the show a lot of attention, the show itself was destined to be an embarrassing and expensive flop by an unknown author. In spite of that it seemed that everywhere I went I was asked to talk about the storyline and to sing the song, “I had a Dream last Night”. The publicity ops were practically nonstop.

I was partnering at that time with Movie Director Peter Bogdanovitch and his family on a series of high-profile art expositions; I was doing business with a number of Hollywood people and I had many such connections. The storyline of this play was about my own life as a thirty-something adult wrapped and packaged as an adolescent lad learning about life. I was a newly recovering alcoholic and I was dazzled by the magic and newness of life. I questioned nothing; I believed that I had acquired the Midas touch, gold being a metaphor for Joy, Happiness and Ultimate Success. “I Love Life and I Love Living It” I said at every opportunity. And then the opportunities ground to a halt.

I drank again.

I began again.

With more caution.

That was in the late Seventies and early Eighties.

Today I thought of those days and realized that  I have much to learn and I am grateful for that.

I also realized that I have learned in recent years to say “No.” In fact, I  say this with such authority sometimes that my friends, not being accustomed to this side of me, often react as though I am experiencing some kind of overwhelming spiritual challenge when in fact I am just sick and tired of saying “yes” when I mean “no”. I wonder if this is a normal response to the rapid changes that sometimes accompany aging.

I argued with Morris today. I argued with Betty and I argued with myself. Morris wants me to meditate with a group of people. Betty wants me to accompany her at a church social. I want to be able to handle conflict with friends and family by having it both ways.

Finally, it was time to pick up my pal Kamal and take him to the eye doctor. His daughter will pick him up and bring him home. Kamal and I have been friends for thirty-five years. When we met he was a part of that group of celebrities which was a part of my rapidly changing life. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that this small group of celebrities was but a small portion of Kamal’s much larger circle of friends which was and is heavily populated with heads of state and major International decision makers. And yet, he is the only friend I have with whom I can have a normal conversation. We laugh, we kid, we push each other to the limits of personal tolerance of each other’s politico-socio-philosophical points of view, being careful not to go too far. Once, recently I said to Kamal. “That’s too far.” that was the end of that. Our conversation changed immediately to the books we each are writing which kept our attention focused on each others ideas for a couple of hours . We both grow and learn from these exchanges. We both agree that nothing can be learned by conversations between like-minded people. That may be the only thing on which we agree.

Today we laughed about a lady friend whose mother wanted her to be an opera singer (or a teacher); I don’t remember what. The lady wanted to be an embalmer. For some reason we both agreed to the hilarity of that lady’s statement and demonstrated that fact by laughing for the next mile or so. And then we began arguing and laughing about what should have followed after she made that oh, so serious remark. And then I dropped him off. And I came home, mentally refreshed and eager to share my day with my readers.

Be good to yourself; you deserve it.

(That’s what I say to my listening audience on Monday nights.)

Accept the Love and pass it on. (I say that  everyday also.)


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