When Cows Fly (did I get that right?)

When birds fly, when ants forage, when religions are born, when governments collapse, there is a principle involved; it has nothing to do with education, intelligence, with social history or for that matter, any noticeable measure of sanity. It is present in all group activity. It requires only the most basic instinctual fragment of decision making. The leader of the pack “says” North, South, East or West. The pack members notice only the constituent to the left or the right and follow the observed movements. With starlings it is called murmeration. With cattle it is hanging out with the herd, with bees it is buzzin’ with yer buddies and with people it is the nod of a hundred heads to the command “Let’s get’er done.”

From:  Leadership  by Lee Broom.


Easter Island Update

In my anthropology 101 class in 1968, the instructor produced an argument for the probability of subterranean extrusions to these heads. he believed that the majority of these huge pieces of stone would eventually be found below the surface of the local terrain and indeed would probably contain inscrriptions providing yet more information than the revelation of the whole.

As the rest of the class argued I wondered why an excavation hadn’t been done. And now I’m wondering why so little has been heard about this excavation in the news. Probably because the newspapers have been replaced by millions of silly blogs pretending to be the next Huff and Puffington. I was unable to activate this link. Click on it. It is straight from the dig itself a. The interview with Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg is being conducted by Travelscope LLC. Thanks for stopping by.



Tonight I was offline with Cox. I finally figured it out but as I disconnected and reconnected wires I had to listen to extraordinarily loud commercials for seven to ten minutes at a time. The volume was much louder than the normal setting so even on the lowest volume the noise could be heard throughout the house. Apparently, Cox has decided that the airtime for their long winded commercial is more important to them than customer satisfaction.

The worst kind of information……

………that which we get from our neighbor.

It doesn’t matter if it is an email pass-along, gossip or the latest on a product recently seen on television or the internet or maybe a ten word tweet. Information gathered in this fashion is believed according to the number of repetitions within the community of the individual receiving it. Its value is based not on truth but on popularity.

This is the yardstick used by marketers.

Marketers rarely possess a measure for the ethical considerations of we who populate their target market. They can add a little music and if we buy it, wrap the product and send it on its way.


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He’s a Romney Man

I have been a retail entrepreneur for my entire life. My parents owned retail stores and I followed their example fifty years ago. Today I buy and sell collector pieces of art working from my home in Paradise Valley AZ. In the last four years my business has become quite unpredictable. When it is up I save and invest. When business is down, I look for a telemarketing job. These days the nightmare call-rooms of the past are pretty much non-existent though care must still be taken because some of the owners of those ill-fated businesses of yore are still around.

Yesterday I discovered a small call-room near my home. The “Now Hiring” sign on the door looked easy enough. Within five minutes I had a job. We were calling with political survey questions, a fairly easy point and click, read the script kind of thing. After three hours I said good night and yes I would be there the next morning at nine-o-clock.

I arrived this morning two minutes late; I had been delayed by a friend’s email. He had misunderstood something and needed me worse thatn I needed to be on time.

The script was different from yesterday and I had difficulty adjusting. We were calling mostly Democrats but one Republican lady really warmed up to me. As I cleared the screen I heard a voice from the floor, “That guy’s a Republican.” A few minutes later a floor-walker came over to my and explained my puzzlement over a blank screen. He told me he had been monitoring me and had signed me off. He seemed friendly at first and I expected some of the warmth that I had already experienced in this until now, very friendly room.

“Did you see the rebuttal on the screen? You’re not using it?” Still friendly.

“No” I said.

“Yes you did; I’ve been listening to you.” Angry words. Something’s not right. As an old man, used to discrimination in the work place, I knew what that felt like but this seemed different.

“I gave you my answer; I did not lie.”

“Yes you did; I told you, I was listening to you.”

(And apparently reading my mind), I said to myself as I suddenly realized that the fact that he is black and I am an old, well-dressed white guy may be important and yes, this must be more than age discrimination.. “You can’t read my mind” I said.

“Don’t get smart with me” he demanded.

(Aha, he’s the one who called me a Romney man.) “And I don’t allow anyone to talk to me that way” I declared, “under any circumstances. “

“In that case you’re fired.” He replied; he looked quite pleased with himself.

I politely swore and I left, smiling at his confusion as he said “and, F*ck you Sir.

No grudges. But I won’t forget the lesson. That man who fired me probably knows much more about discrimination than I. I hope November brings peace to planet Earth.

Links and Categories

I’ve noticed over the years, that there appears to be no important link between REASONING skills and IQ, though it does seem that those who appear to possess minimal skills of LOGIC often demonstrate the ability to store massive amounts of data without the ability or even the curiosity for understanding what they are LEARNING, if indeed that word  actually fits the situation.

My observation persuades me also to believe that for those whose main tool for learning is rote memorization, new increments of stored data are often organized in the form of TAGS rather than traditional CATEGORIES. Notice how certain individuals, as they attempt to contribute to a conversation, sometimes, actually change the subject by linking to a TAG which leaps the boundaries of the conversation by jumping into a new CATEGORY.

 I believe also that those, whose skills of LOGIC are more pronounced, require understanding of a new subject before choosing to store the new ideas; thus more CATEGORIES than TAGS are needed for this purpose. Quality is the watchword for those whose quest for information is TRUTH and UNDERSTANDING; VOLUME to a wannabe scholar may become the moral equivalent of GREED as experienced by a compulsive gambler.