I wonder what happens when………

In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few. Shunryu Suzuki.

In Nineteen Seventy Six I perceived an idea for a book, the subject of which I knew nothing but wanted desperately to know all. I began the writing project immediately. I had a few questions. I found some answers. The questions grew. With the exception of an occasional weekend retreat or camping on the Mogollon Rim my journey became a mission, the questions increasing exponentially, the answers begging for more.

Last year I finally found the answer I was looking for. Realizing that if I compiled this life’s work which had given my life purpose for 36 years, it would surely fill many volumes. Dauntless, I created this, the first of six blogs and began to write. Rather than speaking directly about what I had learned, I chose instead to focus on one of the many subcategories and tap out a short essay, a poem, perhaps a dialogue.

Recently, in answer to a friend’s question inquiring about what I had learned in half a lifetime of writing about The Subject, I was stunned to discover that my very comprehensive reply took only a minute.

I began the book.

“I wonder what happens when……….”


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