Call a Friend Today part 2

From yesterday: (Nancy had a rule that said women should never call men. Ted used to call Nancy everyday. When a month went by without hearing from Ted, she assumed that Ted did not love her anymore. One day she got a phone call from an old friend. “Where were you this morning Nancy?”

“I was in the laundry room doing my ironing” said Nancy. “Where were you?”

“I was at Ted’s funeral.”

A year later Nancy was cleaning out the car that Ted had left her in his will and found his cell phone in the trunk.)

 Following a rule of hers about neatness, Nancy took the newly discovered cell phone into the house. Following her rule to accept everything and to question nothing Nancy laid Ted’s cell phone on the dining room table until she could decide where to store it and went about her day’s activities.

That afternoon her old friend Barbie stopped by. “Isn’t that Ted’s old cell phone? Have you looked at the call history? Let’s check it out. Barbie reached into her purse for a charger and plugged everything into a wall outlet. A few minutes late they opened the call history. The last call was from Ted to Nancy. The time was minutes before his death and had not been answered.

“What do you suppose he wanted” wondered Nancy. “I guess I’ll never know”.





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