Interesting. Please, do go on.

Interesting. Please, do go on.

Thirty two birthdays ago I found myself wondering what life lessons I had learned to date; I decided to spend some time thinking or writing about, and when conversing, mentioning only those subjects about which I could supposedly speak authoritatively.

I carry a memo pad with me at all times; it fits comfortably on my shirt pocket. There is room in this pocket for two such pads so I added a blank  memo pad for the purpose of journaling my experiences on this experiment.

At the end of the week this notepad was still blank. At the end of the second week I had one entry which nearly filled 160 pages in a 3”X5” book. It began with the observation that in conversations with others I was talking less and that most of my words were in the form of questions.

I was acquiring some very good interviewing skills. I was learning to keep the other person talking.

By the third week I decided that manipulating others to do all the talking was not nearly as much fun as listening to what they had to say. As a man who had spent half his his life living in a manmade cave, writing, researching and writing some more, I had discovered a new source of ideas.

So what do I think of my smart self now?

As of now I am of the opinion that I am perfectly suited for life in the fifties.


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