Randy and Betsy and Nick and Shawn and a gathering of friends.

On my way to Randy and Betsy’s home this evening I noticed to my disappointment that it was already dark.  Six O Clock and the sun was going down. Will I be able to find them this time?

A year or so earlier I had driven toward their home in North Scottsdale. It was a beautiful Sunday during the middle of the day and I had managed to get lost in a neighborhood that had once been mine. Tonight I had a map. And this time it was dark.

I have a problem reading street signs at night. My left eye is succumbing to the splatter of glaucoma as the spots grow larger and the spaces closer together. The right eye is the one I rely on to get me from here to there and it does a great job. Moving objects are large enough to see as are street light and overhead street signs. Less likely to grab my attention are the two-inch high letters on street corner signs. At night however with the fuzziness of a yellowing lens this cataract shows me who‘s boss. But I got there okay. Hand written directions written on the map-“go a block to the right and then left”- saved the day, or in this case, the evening.

To myfriend Dan:  :“I met a new friend tonight, Dan. His name is Shawn Greer. Speaks highly of you. Good guy. We talked about the creative side of our lives. He added some magic to my day. His magic act was the warm-up for Nick Heward or so he said. Nick added magic as well.“

Shawn Greer is a magical kind of fellow. He introduced himself by asking if I had experienced any magic in my day and I said Yes, all day, and suddenly there was a “poof” of fire bursting from the center of the table where we sat and a deck of cards appeared; I quickly learned what agog means.

Nick Heward is an exceptionally talented young song writer-musician with a unique style and an amazing gift for captivating his audience. In this case there were perhaps fifty people and we listened to Nick perform a dozen or so songs. I believe they were all his own creations except perhaps, two, no make that three. I wanted to rise and establish an encore but in the end Nick was getting fidgety and ended his seated performance by rising to his feet and thanking us all, at which point  Randy  enteried the staging area to thank our guest performer. Nick told us of a musical event taking place at Arizona’s largest homeless shelter, CASS. I will assemble some information about this event and report at leebroomgallery.wordpress.com.

What a wonderful evening this was. I sat on the front row with Nicks young lady, Mandy, and noticed her smile as Nick sang about his brunette beauty. Betsy washed my empty salad bowl (they ate the whole thing) and I passed out hugs and made my exit.


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