Truth, Loothly Defined

It has been said that in order to discover Truth one needs only to focus on the “here and now”.

It has also been said that Truth can never really be known.

In reality “Truth” rarely walks up and presents its self. Nor is it discovered by looking back. However, once Truth has been discovered, the past may suddenly come alive with remembered moments of confusion suddenly bathed in a glow of inspired understanding.

The Truth about Truth is that Truth is elusive; it is not to be discovered by asking for the Truth from those you admire and respect and certainly not by placing yourself in an environment of group thinking. One must do the work; Truth must be actively sought. And when Logic fails, Prayer is said by many including myself, to open doors and to reveal alternative paths to future revelations.

I approve of this message and I believe these words to be True. And that’s the Truth….

I think.


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