Quick quick, the ear plugs.

To our winter visitors:

Since you are planning to visit this winter, I want to make sure you know what‘s going on with our neighborhood. I reported last month that “I really enjoy living here……”. I should have finished the sentence; “……in spite of the fact that our neighborhood looks like a war zone and has been this way for a year and will continue to be for at least another six months if not another year.”

It all started with the construction of a new home directly across the street.

About a year ago a dozen houses or more were purchased at about the same time, all within a half mile of each other; most sold for less than $500,000.00.  They are all being razed. The few that are rebuilt are being offered at prices from two to three million dollars.

The downside to all of this is that the first house to be built, the one pictured above, created problem that could only be corrected by a combined effort provided by the city and local utilities.

Within a couple of months all of our major streets were in the grip of the utility company and local government. New sewers requiring concrete pipe sections that when lined up, laying on their sides on the Arcadia thoroughfares were eight feet wide (I can stand up inside one; the streets affected are Camelback, Indian School, 44th Street, Lafayette and Arcadia. All at the same time.

Yesterday I wanted to go to Safeway. I no longer go there because of the streets but I wanted to see how many miles it would take to reach my destination only a few blocks away. Since it is much too dangerous to turn left into 44th street by the canal I drove instead to 56th street, South to Indian School, West to Safeway and returned home via 44th street. The trip was nearly five miles.

When you get here I suggest entering Arcadia off of 44th Street at the canal. Lafayette is shut down from 44th to 52nd Streets.  Today the street we live on became the starting point for the next leg of the inches per day journey from hereto 44th Street, The noise from the street, from four houses in the same block under construction, trees being removed and a very noisy peacock are joining in a concerted effort to turn our community into an cacophonic adventure. See ya soon. Wear steel pots if you have ‘em and bring ear plugs. I’m blogging from the Scottsdale Public Library.

Peace, Lee.  PS: The weather is great.


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