Gambel's Quail

The necessity for knowledge, even total knowledge does not exist for The Ultimate Power, Any amount of knowledge has only one purpose and that is to solve problems and of course Omnipotence has need of nothing. Knowledge is purely a human possession. Omnipotence is the Direct Opposite of Need.

God IS Love. We have Desire.

God IS Love. We  have fear.

God IS Love. We  have knowledge.

God IS Love. We  have kindness.

God IS Love. We  have tolerance.

God IS Love. We  have prayer.

God IS Love. We  have curiosity.

God IS Love. We  have fun.

God IS Love. We  have strength.

God IS Love. We  have passion.

God IS Love. We  have access.

God IS Love. God’s limbs are our limbs.

Desire demands Knowledge. Love is Awareness of all.

Desire wants Life everlasting.

Love IS Life Everlasting.

Desire is for Now.

Love is for Ever.

Now is the essence of Ever.

All actions possessed of The Blend of Desire and Love lead to Success.

Faith is needed only for the hesitant.

Accept the Love and Pass it On.


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