Children Will Be Children



The children were born noisily, unhappy with the loss of their loving, protected life style, experiencing fear for the first time in their brief existence, personalities already formed.

In baby language one was screaming “Dammitohellcrapsumbitch, PUT ME BACK INSIDE MY MOMMY”. The other, “WAAAAAA. It’s cold out here.”

Inside their original home, one had squirmed and kicked; this sibling stretched its legs, pushing and prodding, competing for space. The other sibling remained in the traditional fetal position; this one would be the chronic thumbsucker. But this one would also become a recognized world leader; the other, a complaining, noisy bully in the first few years; a sad, unhappy person in later life, unable to properly cope, still demanding the most comfortable chair, the first place in line and an elephant’s memory with a trunk-full of resentment.

More later.

Lee Broom.    Leadership; A Love Story. ©



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