About L B Gettings aka Lee Broom

Author, publisher, entrepreneur, art dealer and advocate for the preservation and proliferation of sobriety and clear thinking, objective reporting and fearlessness aided by respect for and Love of Life.


7 thoughts on “About

      • awwww, why thank you! (in my finest southern accent)
        The sunshine award (to the best of my knowledge) is where another blogger that has been honored with the award, nominates you, for outstanding posts etc. and in turn you nominate others that you feel are deserving. It’s a way for fellow bloggers to become aware of your site and others that that you follow.
        hope that clears it up a bit.

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    • Yeha Neha. Thank you for including me in your list of Versatile Blogger Honorees. Your post and your “About Neha” seven things list read like an email I had just sent a friend who has been helping me through some recent uglies. You really perked up my day. i hope you make it to Morroco. Perhaps on day soon you will receive a Diverse Diver’s Award. Yeeeeha. Nehaaaa. Lee.

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