Easter Island Update

In my anthropology 101 class in 1968, the instructor produced an argument for the probability of subterranean extrusions to these heads. he believed that the majority of these huge pieces of stone would eventually be found below the surface of the local terrain and indeed would probably contain inscrriptions providing yet more information than the revelation of the whole.

As the rest of the class argued I wondered why an excavation hadn’t been done. And now I’m wondering why so little has been heard about this excavation in the news. Probably because the newspapers have been replaced by millions of silly blogs pretending to be the next Huff and Puffington. I was unable to activate this link. Click on it. It is straight from the dig itself a. The interview with Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg is being conducted by Travelscope LLC. Thanks for stopping by.



Have you ever wondered what holds Cuban cigars together? It ain’t Elmer’s glue.

Do you happen to know why we’re supposed to turn down the flame when the water starts to boil?

Why do skin moisturizers often contain alcohol?

Why do we agree that we have the power to make ourselves happy but insist on falling in order to love?

The answer to the first one is Cuban spit.

Answers to the other three go into the comments section.

Signed:  Curious Abner.