The Children…..


I miss Christmas Past.

The Tree at half mast, “Someone hand me an ornament.”


The Children…..


They matter still.

Still…….now there’s a word.

It fits me now.

I wipe my brow and raise my head.

(Is that a football game on TV? I hate football. Hell, I hate TV)



Love is…….


Love is the Power that heals.

Love is the Power that overcomes fear.

Love is the Power that forgives.

Love is the Power that is offered with no expectation of anything in return. Love is Completely Unconditional.

Love is present when we cry.

Love is the energy contained in the laugh of a child or the cry of the warrior holding the lifeless body of a fallen comrade.

We humans, like everything else in nature possess a motive for everything we do, even when that motive is an unconscious event. In other words being the self-centered critters that we are, Love as a deliberate act is unnatural. We cannot “do” Love. But we recognize the feeling it leaves in us, usually after that feeling ebbs.

Where does Love come from? 

Love is within arm’s reach.

What is Love?

Love is…………….

That’s all.

Q: Do you know how to have love in your life?

A: Help someone. Ignore the temptation to entertain an expectation of reward.

Do it.

Do it again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

One more thing.

Accept Love when it is offered.

Learn to say “Thank you”.

Learn how to learn.

I’m no guru.

Someone gave me a hug.

Someone told me once, that even though I thought I had lost everything,  I still had something that someone else needed.

Cool, huh?

That happened again today.

Thank you Big Lover. Thank You.

Buffalo Bill Kills a Fly and a Gnat with a Single Swat (there were no pigeons around). From December 18, 2012


On display for all to see who were able,

”It is eye”

Said the gnatty, gnat, gnat on the nose of the fly

Who was perched on the nose of an irritable guy;  “Take that”.


And the irritable man, he swatted away

At the fly on his nose,

And the gnat (there he goes),

As his world went awry, said “goodbye”.


And the irritable man with the tie in his hand

Completed the Windsor knot.

And tucking at this and that around the collar until satisfied that “handsome is as handsome does”

(He loved this tie a lot),

Except for the spot

Where the fly had landed.


So happy he was  that the fly was now gone. (the fly never really knew what hit him on the return approach).


The gnat by the way, was just that, In The Way.

And the hand of the  man went SWAT once again

And returned to his image in the glass in the lav

And perfected the  knot in his Brooks Brothers tie and said “Dang,

I’m a handsome man.”


So….what do you think of your blue-eyed boy now Mr. Cummings.

Who is That in the Mirror?


Black holes and dark clouds and space dust are universal metaphors for what(?); that part of you that has no room for anything at all but the perfectly straight line that travels from the retina of your only remaining eye, returning when it will from the end of the universe, ignoring, no, completely oblivious to anyone else in you path(?); no, it’s the other way around, isn’t it?

Isn’t  it?

I’ll pass, Old Friend.

It’ll pass.

Straight Lines and Silliness


Do you ever  wonder where all the stars and planets in the universe would go if they failed to be pulled from their otherwise, perfectly straight path? Of course, if each object in the universe could ignore the gravitational pull of the first really large object it encounters and continue on its own straight path wouldn’t that mean that every rock no matter what its size, every ball of gas, no matter how big or how hot would all be running away from each other, in which case one must then wonder, if there is nothing in the universe close to Big Rock number 2 to the 5M power, there would be nothing with which to compare the straightness of its path. Right? And given that all these rocks and stars and space dust particles are flying away from each other, wouldn’t they eventually wither away to nothing? Or would they all meet again in the same instant and form the Mother of all Black Holes?

In case you are wondering why I am asking these silly questions, I have been buried in tutorials all day, looking for better ways of using the internet to earn a living.

So why are you reading my silly questions. Perhaps unlike mine, there was some order to your education and you’d like to stop for a moment and leave a comment?  Thanks for stopping by.

PS: Under such circumstances would the space dust be flying speck by individual speck on their own individual paths? And also, is it possible that this is actually what is happening? Naaaaah.

And what if I said that these flying objects were symbolic of the human ego and given the premise that everthing in nature wants to complete its task in the shortest time possible would’t that mean that………………………………….??????????????

Time in a Bottle.


If one can pretend that time is an illusion, then perhaps an interesting question might be…..”What (then) is the ultimate result of evolution” (yes, I know that this sentence contains three references to time). If the inquisitive soul who posed that inquiry wanted more information and added to the mix, the supposition that all matter is permanently endowed with memory, then what?

Ask around.