A Six Pack, a Hammer and a Church Key, Please.


It is said that it is easier to break an empty bottle of beer than a sealed one.

It is also said that it  is easier to break anything than to fix it, unless that thing is an undesired habit or a relationship.

Is it any consolation to realize that when a thing is made by man,  that something was first destroyed?

Whatever we make of ourselves requires raw materials, desire and a whole lotta Love.


Fingers and Toes and Goodness Knows


Desire hungers for more.

Directed only at Self.

The Inner Elf……



Then Love is introduced.

Desire hungers for more.

Redirected to include

Other Selves

More Elves

And yells

Let’s get ‘er done

From: An Amo and Curio Olio. A Folio of Prose and Poesy
By Lee Broom


Gambel's Quail

The necessity for knowledge, even total knowledge does not exist for The Ultimate Power, Any amount of knowledge has only one purpose and that is to solve problems and of course Omnipotence has need of nothing. Knowledge is purely a human possession. Omnipotence is the Direct Opposite of Need.

God IS Love. We have Desire.

God IS Love. We  have fear.

God IS Love. We  have knowledge.

God IS Love. We  have kindness.

God IS Love. We  have tolerance.

God IS Love. We  have prayer.

God IS Love. We  have curiosity.

God IS Love. We  have fun.

God IS Love. We  have strength.

God IS Love. We  have passion.

God IS Love. We  have access.

God IS Love. God’s limbs are our limbs.

Desire demands Knowledge. Love is Awareness of all.

Desire wants Life everlasting.

Love IS Life Everlasting.

Desire is for Now.

Love is for Ever.

Now is the essence of Ever.

All actions possessed of The Blend of Desire and Love lead to Success.

Faith is needed only for the hesitant.

Accept the Love and Pass it On.


Why do we so often ignore the dignity of others?

Why do we choose spouses who constantly challenge and criticize us?

What do the concepts of Freedom and Dignity have in common?

What are the common desires of humans?

Are the common desires of humans the same as other species?

Why do we become who we are?

When do we make these decisions?

Where does fear come from?

Is Love the only emotion that contains no hint of fear or agenda?

What must one do to experience Love?

Can Love be experienced at will?

What is Love?

What is Will?

What is Dignity?

From: Leadership, A Love Story.

Hovering Above Zero

My friend and pastor (his name is Randy) introduced his message this morning by coining the phrase Hovering Above Zero. I did not ask him if those were his own words but I can  say that the image of Hovering Above Zero inspired me so thoroughly that the balance of Randy’s message has moved for the moment, to the back of the room, though I  am pretty sure that we are on the same page.

I believe that the two greatest Powers known to man are Love and Desire: The nature of man can be summed up as Fear and Desire, Fear in this scenario being represented by the label, Zero. Zero in this case helps me to recognoze that Fear is not a Power but rather the Absence of Power. The nature of God appears to me to  be Total Love and the Sum of All Knowledge. Given more blogging space and undeterred by the possible loss of readers I would gladly share the details of the years of research which I believe lend credence to this observation but for now let us say that Love and Desire are the two greatest powers known to mankind.

Fear is the absence of Power. When we tolerate Fear by “Being Strong” or “Pleasing Others” or “Trying” to “Be Perfect” we are seeking to overcome  Fear when in fact what we are doing is increasing the likelihood that our specific Fears will come to pass. We are Hovering Above Zero and we are certain to fail.

Whatever we Fear can be healed. Whatever Power we need to overcome Fear can be found by accepting The Love. Nothing can harm us when we are immersed in The Love. I know of no limitations for the partnership of Love and Desire.

Accept The Love and Pass it on.  Thank you Randy.

Accept The Love and Pass It On.

So I ask you.

Is there a power greater than Love?

What is it? What is its Purpose?

Is there  a name for it?

Can you describe Love?

Where can Love be found?

How can we control it? Create it? Find it? Enjoy it?

Since Love is by definition completely free of desire and intention of personal gain and since all behavior results from desire and intention (personal gain), how can this be possible?

Many of those I have assisted in substance abuse recovery have asked me questions like this. And many still do. Some resent any reference to God.

Some view their Higher Power as Love. Some say Purpose. Many in fact, believe that they would be shirking responsibility toward their families and communities by dumping all responsibility for their lives and those of their friends and families on this Higher Power. There is no reason according to some, to stretch the meaning of the word, “Power”  by adding a face that no one can see or to describe this Higher Power as having the ability to Will anything into creation or to remove it.

To some, The Ultimate Power is at the same time, The Creator and The Inheritor of All. Some believe that time does not exist, nor distance, nor space. These are the scientists and mathematicians and astronomers, many of whom would rather not be labeled as Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Jew or Moslem. These people are interested in Truth but realize that Truth is a concept as fleeting and as hard to define as Love.  If recovery is to be succesful,  these arguments must be set aside. One thing seems to come from the lips of all recovering substance abusers who share their message with others: that common message is that we survived and healed with the Love of an unseen source and that of our brother and sisters in sobriety. A friend of mine, an ordained priest, said that if more were known, one might be inclined to believe that the differences in beliefs of the atheist, the agnostic, the Christian, the Jews, Muslims and Hindus would amount to little more than a semantic fandango.  One thing is very clear. In order to heal, we must surrender management of our future to a Power with a greater Past. What greater resume than a record of the past, present and future?

Again, I ask you.

Is there a power greater than Love?

What is it? What is its Purpose?

Is there a name for it?

Can you describe Love?

Where can Love be found?

How can we control it? Create it? Find it? Enjoy it?

Ask around.