Mythtery, Oh Mythtery…..


Mythtery, Oh Mythtery
by Lee Broom


Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.

Unfold your own myth.”

~ Rumi

Does it matter that I got it right?

Must Eleven rhyme with Heaven?

Why not Seven?

Isn’t it enough that I experienced Love?

Must I care……

That I err?

Or whether?

Or never?

Who is to judge?

When will it stop?

Perhaps if  I lock……..

The door.

(I shall permit only speechless animals in my life.)

(I shall nod my head and tap my toes to the changeless rhythm of the many Faces of Fear and then I’ll be able to continue with my studies.)

Will I still be able to experience Love?

I wonder what Rumi would say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

(What is so Mythterious, Lee.)

Comments, please.

Thank you.


Passion. A Video by Morris Scott.

When I met Morris he was drawing a stick-figure;  a man, standing in the desert, arms raised to the sky, mountains in the background with the sun beating down and at the bottom of the page, a spiritually captivating quote by Rumi.

A few weeks later I found myself in a room of Be-Strong men being led by Morris through a skillfully selected string of relaxing, musical recordings as he talked us out of ourselves. That was a few years ago. Morris’s passion for sharing with others and the skills he developed when he began creating these musical anthologies has grown into a rather lengthy collection of videos, short and compelling in the beginning, captivating then as now. A nice break from NCIS. Enjoy a bicycle trip with Morris and family, follow them down the Coast Highway and listen to the people along the way talk about their passions in life.  You’ll enjoy the music from Lady Day to Rachmaninov, I am relaxed now after witnessing this trip and will sleep well, I am certain. Good night.