Human Traits and Attributes


Why do we describe God with human traits and attributes?

If God is limited to doing what humans do, only better, how is this helpful?

If we describe God in terms that do not apply to mankind, what would they be?

What are the missing attributes which would complete us?

Do you often wish you possessed the ability to Love at will? Or to stop? At will?

Are there moments in your life when you wish that you possessed total knowledge of past and future as well as current events?

Has there ever been a time in your life when you did not feel powerless when confronted with problems?

Are you troubled when you lose your car keys? Your glasses? The name of a friend or perhaps even a beloved family member?

When you ask for help what new trait or attribute that you feel you lack do you suppose will be present when a solution to a given problem becomes apparent


Happy Fathers’ Day

I am privileged to be living a major part of my life in the company of loving fathers. One is Scott. Scott and his daughter Christy lost a loving wife and mother, Jeannie a few weeks ago. They are loving each other through difficult times. Christy will soon be a HS sophomore. They are learning a lot from each other as I am from them.

Morris loves his children, his wife his cat and his chickens. We spent this morning talking about how to accept love and the importance of passing it on.

Bill (that’s my son) is the most loving and accepting father I know. He reminds me of my own father Dixie Broom from whom I never heard a word of criticism. Bill’s two daughters, Tricia who last week married Chris and her sister Kelly share the visible traits of adults who were loved as children. Bill has been teaching me how to be a loving father for most of his life.

And to Horace Dixie Broom who literally saved my life as a small child: though he was no blood relation he rescued Brother Billy and me from certain danger. Safety continued to be a major issue during the rest of our childhood and he loved and protected us until we could begin being responsible for ourselves. he joined our ancestors in 1975.

My birth father Bob was taken from me by Uncle Sam two days after Pearl Harbor. By the time he returned, Billy and I were already in adoption court. Robert Lee Oakes Sr. agreed to the new arrangement and began a new family raising another son, my half-brother Larry. I became Robert Lee Broom. I sometimes write under my mothers maiden name Gettings.

Brother Larry raised two daughters. I am sad to say that we have been apart more than near but I love him and miss him. I know from all reports that Judge Larry Oakes is a kind and loving father.

And to my son-in-law David who helped heal the childhood pain of my oldest daughter named after her grandfather Dixie Broom and provided me with three loving grandsons, the oldest, Tim and his wife Ceola producing two beatiful children in a home filled with love and a doting granddaughter, Melissa and her husband, Ryan, I thank you David for being a good son and a wonderful father.

To Bill K, John O and a hundred other fathers with whom I share a spiritual kinship, thank you all for making the world I live in a better place. Thank you for being my friends.