LEADERSHIP on a personal level.

It has been said that a True Leader is unaware of possessing Leadership quality or for that matter, a dsire to Lead.

If this is true, how does one become a leader?

Wrong question, I think.

Leaders are attractive to others.

Leaders tend to rely on dependable processes for gathering information.

Leaders are curious.

Leaders ask questions.

Leaders possess power but are unaware of this power. They are not needy. Leaders are willing to assist those who are (needy).

The needy cling to each other.

They are not really needy but the Illusion of Strength from Unity is often misleading.

Leaders enjoy sharing their ideas though they rarely talk about what they have learned. Instead they will talk endlessly about How they learned this and that.

Leaders enjoy helping needy people to become Independent People.

The Independent Nature of Leaders is often misinterpreted as being antisocial when in fact their need for Socialization may not be great.

Leadership then, is the ability to live one’s life in a natural, loving way.

Leadership is not complicated.

Or so I am told

From: Leadership
By Lee Broom


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