Leading Leads to Nothing.

In order to be a Leader, one must decide that Leadership is not The Goal.

Leadership is not something that a Leader does.

Being a Leader.

That is very different.

Being a Leader may be Lonely.

Perhaps not.

It matters not whether the Leader has followers.

A Leader who begins to seek Followers ceases to be a Leader.

A Leader is motivated by two things, Love and Knowledge.

Leaders serve the community around them.

Some leaders know this. Some do not.

The Search for Love:

The Search for Knowledge:

The Search itself reveals the strength of The Searcher.

That Strength is seen by observers but appears to be unimportant to Those Who Possess it.

What does a Leader do if not Lead?

The Leader asks “What is the Answer?”

Love And Knowledge says to the Leader,  “What is the Question?”

The Leader replies, “I’m not exactly sure.”

Love And Knowledge says to the Leader.  “Walk down this path for now. Be observant. Ask more questions.”

The Leader replies, “Okie-doakie.”

From:  Leadership
by Lee Broom


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