Hi, how are ya?

Hi, how are ya?

It has been said that all songs are Love songs, all stories about Amor.

When a man has decided he wants “seconds”, he’s “in Love”.

When LuAnn seeks information from friends and family on whether to tell Quill she loves him, the conversations are  about Need and Fear.

And, when we ponder how to engage the Love Mechanism, we are looking for ways of getting someone to Love us. If asked where our own Love Switch can be found, a puzzled look will surely wrinkle our brow.

So, howsabout this?

Call someone; anyone. Ask them how they are (not how they’re doing). Let them do most of the talking; you ask questions). Develop your interview skills. Talk about yourself only when asked to. Perhaps take notes the first time around. And if you have an opinion about Life and how to Live it, Love and how to do it, put your thoughts into a blog or a book and get these ideas into print.

Or leave a comment on this blog.


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